Snowdon – the new challenge
After our memorable summer last year in which we walked the entire length of Hadrian’s Wall, we were inspired to continue our walking and exploration of Roman archaeology.  We’re not expert walkers, just enthusiasts! We hope that you will enjoy following our progress here on our Wallwalkers Blog.

Nobody could visit any part of Britain without being drawn to the history of the region, and we hope you’ll enjoy stories about the discoveries we make as we prepare for our next challenge.  You’ll find our latest post by clicking on the News tab above.

Here’s a look at the latest challenge we’ve set ourselves – climbing 1085 metres to the top of the highest peak in Wales – Mount Snowdon.  There are various routes to the summit, which, if the weather stays fine should reward us with views across to England, Ireland, the Isle of Man, and Scotland, across 24 counties, 29 lakes and 17 islands.  The view across the 35 miles to Merrick in southern Scotland is claimed to be longest theoretical line of sight in the country.  If it doesn’t stay fine and the clouds come down – well, we can always look out for the cafe instead!


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